Perhaps a bit TOO ambitious…

Tonight around 140 people began a journey together. It was the first night of Fleet Feet’s “No Boundaries” Couch to 5K program. They divided us into three groups: turtles, gliders and the “more ambitious.” Since I had been working on running for 7 weeks already, I figured I would challenge myself and step up to the “more ambitious” group with my friend, Julie. Our dance card for the evening consisted of 6 intervals alternating 2 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking.

When the groups shook out, I quickly realized that, size-wise, I would make two of every other person in my group. Then the running commenced and I drifted to the rear fairly quickly. Bless Julie’s heart for hanging back with me. However, two things became clear to me. First, the faster pace was something I needed because I am WAY too slow. Second, I was able to do the run.

There were friends I had not seen in a long time as well as many new faces I look forward to getting to know. Encouragement abounded. I can already tell that this journey will be very fulfilling and I eagerly anticipate sharing the successes with my new friends.

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