Tiger Brooks Productions

In 2001, I embarked on a path that allowed me to develop, professionally, something I had played around with all my life …

my voice.

Twenty-one years of radio production, commercial promos, long-form video narration, and a variety of other projects, big and small, have given me rich experience in voice production.

I can provide:

  • Straight, serious narration
  • Dramatic, movie trailer-like voice overs
  • Hard sell, high energy
  • Soft sell
  • Trustworthy endorsements (of products and/or services I believe in!)
  • Humorous characters
  • Bass / baritone song vocals
  • Impressions: various actors, political figures, music artists, etc.
  • Telephone messaging

Feel free to email me for more details and pricing. Simply click the logo below:

Serious inquiries only, please.