The Day After… Gratitude

Yesterday was quite a day. Our church hosted a concert last night in partnership with WCQR. Know Hope Collective was in the house. They are made up of Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss, of Audio Adrenaline fame, and a number of other talented artists and singers. A friend remarked that it was a cool concert and that it was “chill.” Compared to a rowdy Christian rock concert, that would be an appropriate way of describing this worship experience. A different, yet nice departure from what Audio A. fans would remember.

KHC’s presentation is a mix of story/testimonials, multimedia and, of course, song. Mark and Will were quite vulnerable as they revealed how God has worked and ministered in their lives over the years. Their stories of tragedy and hope resonated with many who were on hand; those who had experienced some of life’s more difficult situations.

Their new album dropped last Tuesday and you can find it on iTunes. It features great new songs, including soon-to-be-hit, Build Us Back, as well as some reformulations of some staple Audio A. titles like Ocean Floor and Hands and Feet. I talked to many folks last night who picked up some albums to send to folks who could use some hope. That was the kind of impact the evening had. I highly recommend the album to you.

A great big thank you to some key people who made last night possible through their support and tireless labor (15 plus hours for some!):

Paige- my right hand when it comes to these events.

Julie- thanks for being available to be used.

Teronya- appreciate all you have done for our ministry

Stan, Tony, Tim, Mike, Brian, Josh- hardest working, most conscientious sound crew alive.

Pastor Roc, Bro. Mike and Bro. Joel- thanks for all the support and help

Chef Wayne, JH, Lee, Margaret, Marti, Erwin and Gary- thanks for your long hours of hard work and great food.

Angie- the merchandise diva! Thanks.

Fletch, Garry, John, Johnny- our elite safety/security team. Thanks for your service.

Brian, Lori and my radio homies- thanks for the opportunity.

Alex and Mike- thanks for the equipment loans. May Highlands Fellowship JC and Grace Fellowship JC be blessed!

Wayne and Greg- thanks for input and assistance w/ a dead scissor lift.

Laura- for cleaning up our mess.

I am blessed to serve a church with so many people who are willing to do what it takes to offer impactful ministry to our community with excellence of execution and with a servant’s heart.

Grace and peace.