Random Thursday Thoughts

The Thursday Run:

Night #2 of No Boundaries at Fleet Feet went well. Really well, even. I missed my running buddy, Julie, who was down in her back. I guess that happens when you get as old as her. Filling in was my #1 daughter, Ellie, who was all decked out in her pink running finery.  The Green Belt was under water so we ended up having to run through parking lots, behind buildings, through alleys and such. It was a bit brisk out, but I am very proud of all the great folks who have committed themselves to this effort. Great fun is being had by all. I felt much better tonight than I did last Tuesday. I hope that trend continues.

Ohio State:

The double-standard I am seeing in certain sectors of sports media is sickening. The way the administration at Ohio State, as well as, coach Jim Tressel is handling this situation is atrocious. Some are lauding his efforts to knowingly withhold information which allowed key players to remain eligible for a run to a BCS bowl game under the guise that it somehow protected the players. Never mind that he was trying to protect his backside and his job. Bruce Pearl has been routinely filleted by the media weekly all season long for having 3 players (2 of whom play for other teams) over to his house for a BBQ and first denying it. He then went, of his own volition, back to the NCAA and fessed up. Tressel was outed by the media. Peal was fined $1.5 million and suspended for half of the SEC season. Tressel, thus far, has been assessed a $250,000 fine (he makes somewhere north of $3 million per year) and he is suspended for the first two games next season. They are of the “Sisters of the Poor” variety games against Akron and Toledo. It’s just plain pitiful.

The Wait Is Over:

Ever since the iPad was introduced last year, I have suffered from iPad envy. Based on my own personal needs assessment in conjunction with an understanding of the many hats I wear and after much research into computing, e-readers, smart phones and certain combinations thereof, I have determined that I could benefit from owning said iPad. Did that sound convoluted enough to be mistaken for plausibility?

I started an iPad fund last fall. Family and friends have made contributions through Christmas, Boxing Day (my Canadian friends), Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, Laundry Day, and, of course, my birthday. Now the funds are in hand. My child will NOT have to go without shoes and my church has not had to go without my tithe. TOMORROW, IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

According to sources, 5PM will mark the beginning of The Invasion of Best Buy or, as I like to call it, the Black Friday Best Buy Beatdown! I pity the fool that stands between me and my iPad 2! I’m normally a mild-mannered gentleman. Tomorrow the gloves come off. The forecast calls for mayhem the likes of which has not been seen in these parts since that unfortunate bear crossed paths with Davy Crockett. I will be rested and ready, well-hydrated and, quite possibly, main lining some Girl Scout Samoas just for good measure. I am going for the white, 64GB, WIFI-only model with the ingenious Tennessee orange cover thingamajig. I will be bringing the whole arsenal: The Suplex; The Cobra Clutch; The Jackhammer and even the People’s Elbow. A certain celebrity, who shall remain nameless, has claimed to have tiger’s blood flowing through his veins. That’s nothing. I’ve always had that, baby! If necessary, I will even resort to my secret weapon. I will stuff Ellie’s pockets full of cash and send her to the front of the line. Who could deny my adorable little Brown-eyed iPad Ninjetta?

Perhaps the next post you read will have had its genesis on my new iPad 2. Oh glorious thought! Stay tuned.

Perhaps a bit TOO ambitious…

Tonight around 140 people began a journey together. It was the first night of Fleet Feet’s “No Boundaries” Couch to 5K program. They divided us into three groups: turtles, gliders and the “more ambitious.” Since I had been working on running for 7 weeks already, I figured I would challenge myself and step up to the “more ambitious” group with my friend, Julie. Our dance card for the evening consisted of 6 intervals alternating 2 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking.

When the groups shook out, I quickly realized that, size-wise, I would make two of every other person in my group. Then the running commenced and I drifted to the rear fairly quickly. Bless Julie’s heart for hanging back with me. However, two things became clear to me. First, the faster pace was something I needed because I am WAY too slow. Second, I was able to do the run.

There were friends I had not seen in a long time as well as many new faces I look forward to getting to know. Encouragement abounded. I can already tell that this journey will be very fulfilling and I eagerly anticipate sharing the successes with my new friends.

Tracking Tiger

If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! If you have “tracked” my blog before you may know that it has been a coon’s age since it was last updated. You may also notice a brand new design. Think of this as tigerbrooks.com 2.0. I was not satisfied with the first generation and I will say that this one may evolve even more, but we are getting there. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

The title of this post, however, does not just relate to tracking my blog. In June of 2009, my wife Paige and I began a journey toward better health and wellness.  Over the course of time, after developing better eating habits, walking, hiking and some weight training, I lost 55 lbs.  In the Spring of 2010, I slacked off and coasted until Christmas, gaining back about 15 lbs.

Paige made the transition from walking to running in January of 2010 and it has revolutionized her overall health. I scoffed at the thought of starting a running regimen at age 40, throwing up all kinds of excuses from being a big guy to protecting my knees. But as I have observed Paige and her dramatic physiological strides, not to mention, the enjoyment and confidence she has gained from running, I have been won over. Last month, I started a “couch-to-5K” program by downloading an app to my Droid phone. I am currently in week 5 and I can tell with each passing week that I can run greater distances without stopping or… well… keeling over.

Next month, I will be joining a number of folks for the “No Boundaries” program through Fleet Feet in Kingsport. The goal will be working up to running in First Baptist Church’s AmazinGrace 5K in May. So the deeper meaning behind the “Tracking Tiger” title is the opportunity to follow my progress and cheer me on, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, the challenge to join me in this effort. If I can motivate someone to begin the transition from sedentary and unhealthy to “moving” in the right direction, I would be ecstatic! There is something to be said for accountability and camaraderie. If I can do it anyone can. When I started in June 2009, I was 6′ 5″ and 317 lbs. Now, I am still the same height, but I am many strides south of 317! It has been a rocky road with many potholes and detours, but I am keeping on keeping on so that I can be fit for the work to which God has called me. You are not too old. You are not too out of shape. You are not too late.

There will be an informational meeting about the No Boundaries program Tuesday, February 22 at Fleet Feet in Kingsport. Click the link to find out more. Go by the store and they can get you information and fully outfitted. It doesn’t hurt that you can listen to 88.3fm WCQR while you are there!

Here’s to your health! God bless!