For Your Christmas Enjoyment, “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

Before I get all the angry people screaming, “Christmas is Jesus!” I believe I already know well the meaning of the season. This is me having fun with a song that meant a lot to me in my childhood.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


The “Plague” of Cicadas 2012


If you live in or have traveled through East Tennessee in recent days you probably have heard a strange sound.  If you ask my wife, Paige, she would probably say something like Hell left a window open. But according to experts quoted in our local paper, we are being visited by the 17-year, Brood I cicada.

This means that in 1995 mama cicadas laid their eggs in the outer branches of trees, the babies hatched out, fell to the ground and burrowed in waiting 17 years to mature and emerge to celebrate my 17th wedding anniversary.

Our house feels like ground zero. As I was mowing the yard the other day I saw what seemed like thousands of holes out of which these ugly, red-eyed demons emerged. They seemingly coat the entire backside of my house and deck as they are affixed to any available inch of real estate waiting on their wings to gain the strength to fly off. The experts say that the males are the first to emerge and the buzzing sound they produce is calling for females. All I can say is, “Hurry, honey!”

Paige is about to lose her mind. I am fully prepared to come home one day to find one of two things happening. I could find her lying in the fetal position in the middle of the floor acting out a scene from Apocalypse Now mumbling, “The horror! The horror!” On the other hand, it would not surprise me for her to go all Tony Montana and find her in the yard with a napalm flamethrower screaming, “Say ‘Hello’ to my little friend!” and reducing our entire ridge to an ash heap.

The cicadas aren’t doing damage and it’s not so much about their brown shells that litter our entire house. IT’S THE INCESSANT BUZZING CACOPHONY that is driving us crazy. Well, I find it unpleasant, while Paige is going bananas. You see, I have been blessed with that man gene that allows me to ignore just about anything I do not want to deal with. I notice it only when I am in certain parts of the house and I make an effort to listen to them. Paige comes through the living room periodically, looks at me in bewilderment and informs me about the changing dynamics and which cicada section is buzzing a little flat. She texted me the other day and stated that she was driving down the road at 45 MPH, with the A/C cranked and the radio blaring and STILL heard the cicadas in the woods she was passing.

So, is it just us or do you and your spouse also experience a disparity in reaction to certain things?

A Personal Invitation

Hello, friend! If you do not have a church home or perhaps you are searching for the Truth found only in Jesus Christ, I invite you to Indian Springs Baptist Church this weekend for one of our worship opportunities in which we celebrate the resurrected King Jesus.

Friday night we will have our Good Friday service at 7PM. We will share in the Lord’s Supper and be led in worship by our choir and orchestra. Pastor Roc Collins will bring a message.

Sunday morning, our Bible Studies will meet at 8:30 (adult), 9:45 and 11:10 (both hours feature fully grades classes for all ages.)  Our 9:45 Worship Celebration offers music by our choir and orchestra while the 11:10 service, known as “The Spring,” offers worship led by The Spring Praise Band. Pastor Roc will be preaching a dynamic, Spirit-filled message in both hours.

For more information or directions, please click HERE!

Tiger’s Take on #DWTS (Subtitle: Tiger’s Guilty Pleasure)

I think this season of DWTS will be an interesting one to watch. Here are my observations on the cusp of tonight’s first elimination.

  • I like this season of pros. I don’t miss Karina Smirnoff at all. I wish Ashley could get a decent star.
  • Kate Gosselin is about the worst I’ve seen in a while. Yes, Jon was terribly immature and made some bad, bad decisions, but I wouldn’t have taken Kate to McDonald’s much less marry and have a legion of children.
  • Either Buzz needs to blast off or Kate needs to skate.
  • I was over the “hero worship” / “respect your elders” thing after the first 3 minutes of Buzz’s segment. He is a great American, but this is shameful and hard to watch. If he and his wife, Lois, had their faces stretched any tighter, Kenny Rogers and Joan Rivers may sue for trademark infringement.
  • Evan Lysacek and Nicole Sherzinger are my early favorites. They both have an unfair advantage, in my opinion, but they have been very good early.
  • Watch out for Niecy Nash! She has huge likeability factor and broad audience appeal with her wide and varied television/motion picture repertoire.
  • Not sure I like the change with Brooke Burke instead of Samantha Harris. Sure, Brooke is easy on the eyes and all, but she is a bit tentative and nervous in the interview.
  • Tom Bergeron is worth whatever they are paying him. His quick wit and ability to laugh at himself really comes off well.
  • Pam Anderson needs Jesus.
  • Chad Ochocinco is one of the worst athletes they have had in recent years. He may have a big upside if they can tame his ego, but don’t hold your breath. The Bengals and the NFL have tried for years to no avail so I don’t think Lynn will have much luck either.
  • I like Erin Andrews. She is beautiful, tough, funny and has some raw dancing ability. She could be a dark horse if wives don’t vote her off to get back at their ESPN-salivating husbands.
  • As a dancer, Jake the Bachelor is a great pilot.
  • I don’t know how Shannon Doherty made it doing anything. I don’t know of anything I ever liked her in… Including DWTS.
  • Finally, Aiden needs to bring it down a notch. Not enough people know him to be a jerk and get away with it. You better treat Edyta right or I’m coming!

There you have it friends, Tiger’s DWTS Handicap. Meaningless drivel with no eternal value… kind of like recent presidential addresses. Enjoy.