Deck The Vols! [A Variation on a Holiday Classic!]


[The meter to the song might take you a second, but, give me a break, you can figure it out!!! Enjoy and Go Vols! Beat the ‘Dores!]

Deck the stands with fans who’re dandy falalalala, lalalala

‘Tis the season to beat Vandy falalalala, lalalala

Don we now our gray apparel falalalala, lalalala

‘Dores mock the Vols at their own peril falalalala, lalalala


Long and straight fly Josh Dobbs’ passes falalalala, lalalala

Rajion’s runs will sway the lasses falalalala, lalalala

‘Dores find that they don’t get their druthers falalalala, lalalala

Crushed beneath Big Dan McCullers falalalala,lalalala


The Pride sounds great when they strike up Rocky Top falalalala, lalalala

Franklin cries cause Butch will not stop falalalala, lalalala

Up next, the ‘Cats will join the chorus falalalala, lalalala

When the bowl-bound Vols are again victorious falalalala, lalalala




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