Do It Anyway!

A funny thing happened in the middle of my walk.

Yes, my walk. Since August 12, I have taken a few. That is the day on which I began yet another journey toward better health and fitness. Only this time, I did it with much less fanfare than in times past. On a few occasions I’ve stood up like the publican praying in the temple and shouted from the mountaintops that I was dieting and exercising. I’m over that now.

After my most recent chat with my physician, I decided to take a multi-faceted approach to my lifestyle change:

  1. Cleaner eating (thanks to meddling women at church… and my lovely wife)
  2. Daily multi-vitamin regimen (thanks
  3. Counting calories (thanks and app)
  4. Wearing a FitBit Ultra (pedometer on steroids)
  5. Utilizing Endomondo GPS app w/ Polar heart rate monitor (to track and maintain my cardio work history)

I will give more detailed reports on each one of these later. I am trying to get to my point.

So last night I was walking in my parent’s neighborhood. Ten minutes into my walk I realized that I had left my FitBit (the pedometer on ‘roids…keep up) on its charger back at my house. “Great! How many precious steps have I now taken that I will not get credit for,” I thought to myself. Not to worry. I had my heart rate monitor on and I was tracking my every movement with the GPS app on my phone.

Fifteen more minutes passed by and I was worked up into a pretty good lather. All of the sudden my headphones go silent and my increasingly less trusty Droid Thunderbolt suddenly and without warning powers down. DRATS! Now what was I to do? I lost GPS tracking AND my heart rate monitoring. I felt like I was on the Apollo 13 mission. What else could go wrong? There I am, flattening the hills and straightening the curves in beast mode without any technological wonder to capture the sweat-filled moments for posterity. It takes my phone a good three minutes to cycle on. “How far might I travel in that amount of time without GPS,” I ponder. The questions were overwhelming me.

At least my watch was still working and it told me that I had another ten minutes before I had to stop and go pick up Ellie from dance. I could knock out one more hill… but I wouldn’t get “credit” for it I idiotically told myself.

Then I came to my senses.

Of course I’m getting credit for this. My body is the beneficiary of this endeavor whether or not some gadget records my progress. How silly of me to think otherwise.

Isn’t this the way it is with us sometimes in our faith walk? Do you opine the fact that no one was around to pat you on the back when you helped that lady carry in her groceries? When you gave back the extra $5 that the cashier mistakenly gave you at Wal-mart, did it knock the shine off to discover no one was in line behind you to see and be in awe of your honesty? It’s not necessary to “report in” to people that you, indeed, got in your twenty-minute quiet time this morning before work.

God sees. God knows. God is keeping tabs. On top of that, in much the same way that your body benefits from physical exercise, your body/soul/spirit all benefit from the exercise of your faith, whether any mere mortal man sees or not. You are building spiritual habits on top of being obedient to what God calls all of His children to do. Both of these have massive benefit for you in the long run.

So go ahead, even though you only have an audience of One, do it anyway!

After all, who else matters.

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