“Can I get that recipe?”

Last night some friends of ours graciously invited my family over for dinner.  We are all making an effort to get fit and be calorie and carb conscious. The menu consisted of crustless pizza. Sounds hard to eat, huh? Well its NOT! For the carb conscious, it is a great alternative made with eggs, cheese, tomato sauce and meat.  It was very tasty.  On top of our culinary conquest, we had a great time of fellowship with friends.  When it came time to leave, I made sure that Paige got the recipe for the crustless pizza so that we could enjoy it again.

As I reflected back on that whole experience today, it occurred to me that it was a lot like our Christian walk should be.  An intentional effort was made to share some time together in a very inviting and mutually beneficial atmosphere. An encounter was experienced with something of a very appealing and fulfilling nature. An inquiry was made as to how the subject could be experienced again. Notice that nothing was forced. It was merely offered and received wholeheartedly.

We as Christians should live our lives in such a manner. There should be a noticeable and appealing air about us that causes others to inquire as to the source of our love and our joy. There are two main keys to success. 1) We must be intentional about spending time with folks who could benefit from Christ, but who may not have received Him yet. 2) We must be prepared and ready to share the recipe upon request. The beauty is that Jesus is not a recipe. He is God. While there are some standards and statutes to live by, the crux of the matter is simply in a relationship with Him. No magical formula, just marvelous fellowship.

Are you ready to share this transformational recipe?

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